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Grow Your Business

Catapult’s Value Enhancement Process produces current benefits such as a more competitive market position, operational efficiency and profit acceleration. Even if a sale is not expected, the approach will enhance your firm and expand options. With smart exit planning you can strengthen your firm now, enrich your future and start operating from a position of strength.

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Many firms don’t maximize profitable growth. Learn how our clients avoided that mistake.

Breakthrough Social Technology Company

Client Driven Service Expansion: Rapid growth company’s major client required service coverage extension across its key U.S. and U.K. markets. Situation A social technology

Financial Consulting Firm

Institutionalizing Business Development: An entrepreneurial firm was looking to sustain its aggressive growth as it crossed the $100 million mark.

Am Law 75 Firm

Strategy Support: During a significant time of leadership transition, this firm needed strategic clarity and execution to accelerate growth.