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Sell Your Business

Catapult’s team has built, bought and sold firms. We’ve lived the challenges of running and growing a firm. We’ve experienced the vicissitudes – the exhilaration of growth, the fear of recessions, the complexity of managing clients and talent. No one else is better equipped to understand your situation, convert your hard work, your blood, sweat and tears into cold hard cash and a produce a life-changing event.

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Case Studies & Deals

Every exit takes a number of twists and turns. See how we helped navigate those challenges.

Global Sales Consulting/Training Firm

Exit to Private Equity: An add-on acquisition strategy supported the exit plan resulting in a sale at 11 times EBITDA.

Boutique Management Consultancy

Exit to a Strategic Buyer: A strategic focus & well executed exit plan led to a sale for twice the market value.

Dominant Regional Law Firm

Merger Execution: A broken merger forced this firm to re-evaluate its strategy & evaluate all feasible options to maintain its viability.