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Sell Your Business

Catapult’s team has built, bought and sold companies. We’ve lived the challenges of running and growing a firm. We’ve experienced the vicissitudes – the exhilaration of growth, the fear of recessions, the complexity of managing clients and talent. No one else is better equipped to understand your unique situation, and help you manage a successful exit into a life-changing event.

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Case Studies & Deals

Every exit takes a number of twists and turns. See how we helped navigate those challenges.

Digital Agency Acquisition

Manage the Risks to your Brand: Change in go-to-market strategy forces Fortune 500 company to divest a digital subsidiary.

Global Sales Consulting/Training Firm

Exit to Private Equity: An add-on acquisition strategy supported the exit plan resulting in a sale at 11 times EBITDA.

Boutique Management Consultancy

Exit to a Strategic Buyer: A strategic focus & well executed exit plan led to a sale for twice the market value.