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Dr. Lela Tepavac

Senior Director IP and Innovation

An expert in leadership assessment, Lela has developed novel proprietary models and methodologies to address important issues such as effectively leading growth, leading turnarounds, building effective governance frameworks, and building organizations that enable innovation. She has also developed a workshop aimed to equip leaders with knowledge and skills needed to effectively lead creative people. Lela has developed a quantitative tool to assess the effectiveness of CFOs. Recently, she has developed a methodology to assess the generational gap between incumbent and emerging leaders – data that is critical in leadership succession planning.

Lela was a Partner at Mercer Delta Consulting from ’93 to ’06 working with senior executives to design and execute strategic organizational change. Lela worked primarily in the areas of executive leadership assessment, CEO evaluation and succession, Board assessment, organization assessment and diagnosis, organization culture change, intellectual capital building and change metrics. Lela has also developed an approach to build a robust leadership pipeline.

Lela has worked with the Boards and senior leaders of numerous Fortune 500 companies across industries, including Credit Suisse Asset Management; Merrill Lynch; Citibank; American Reinsurance; The New York Times; PepsiCo; United Airlines; Time Warner Co; Best Western International; Shell; Texaco; Saudi Aramco; Bristol-Myers Squibb; The Limited; International Paper; Lucent Technologies; Ford Motor Company; Corning; Unilever; Raytheon; The League of American Orchestras.

Before this, Lela held a research position at Columbia University and at the Institute for Social Policy in Zagreb, Croatia where she led a number of research studies Lela has been a contributing author to a number of articles and collaborated on several books. Her recent work in the innovation was published as a book (Fearless Journeys: Innovation in Five American Orchestras). She is a current member of the American Psychological Association, NYHRPS, and Women on Wall Street.

Lela holds a PhD in social/organizational psychology from Columbia University, New York, an MA in Social Psychiatry from the School of Medicine Zagreb, Croatia, and a BA in Liberal Arts from the University of Zagreb, Croatia.

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