October 2016 – Catapult Growth Partners

Month: October 2016

Great Leadership: Character and Courage

I feel my client’s pain when we talk about making strategic decisions. The conversation will start with their asking:  How do I balance the need for speed in decision making with my partners’ desire to be cautious and always right? Contrast the law firm environment with corporation culture.  When I ran new product development

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How Pricing Experts Elevate Practice Management and Client Service

The professional services field is typically a late adopter of practice management innovation, but over the past five years, many larger providers have established a new role within the firm: pricing czar. These individuals tend to have MBAs, and are highly analytical, extremely comfortable with spreadsheets, and focused on pricing and profitability rather than

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Decision Time

Although lawyers are trained to make arguments, when it comes to management most avoid conflict like the plague. A typical thought process among partners is, “we don’t agree on that issue, so why bother talking about it again?” A managing partner can get away with avoiding decisions on tough issues when lawyers have plenty

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Communicating Business Value Will Fuel Your Growth Goals

There is plenty of advice out there about growing your firm, your practice or your own client base. Be a strategic thinker. Develop effective content. More clearly define your business targets and service offerings. The list goes on. Perhaps the overarching question pertains to differentiation, or as marketers define it, “the value proposition.” How

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