January 2017 – Catapult Growth Partners

Month: January 2017

A Case Study on Industry Focus

Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt—known as Schwabe— was at an inflection point in its history when Managing Partner Mark Long reached out in 2015 to Catapult Growth Partners. The law firm, based in the Pacific Northwest, was grappling with several major concurrent issues: a new strategic plan, management succession, and a rebranding effort complete with

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Seven Attributes of Going Private

This month thousands of high value public sector leaders will make the sometimes scary, always exciting transition to private practice.  Their experience is potentially valuable and timely – some luminaries will enter private law firm practice, others will join the Big Four or important strategy firms seeking to guide their most important clients with

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How to Hire the Right Business Development Professional

In terms of sophistication in lead generation and closing on new clients, professional services firms run the gamut from no formal processes to large teams and thoughtful budget allocation. What sets the most effective apart from the haphazard is choosing the right person to organize and lead the effort. Not always a marketer. To

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