February 2017 – Catapult Growth Partners

Month: February 2017

CFO Sentiment ’17 – Canary in the Coal Mine

Catapult and The CFO Alliance held a review today that covered the annual CFO Sentiment study.  This national survey benchmarked over 500 CFO’s from the Alliance’s 6,000 members to understand the mood of businesses across a wide spectrum of industries, geographies and sizes.  It also focused on the role CFO’s play to impact key

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CRM Programs: Overcoming Common Obstacles

In organizations with traditional sales forces, CRM tools can be a powerful way to share information across a company to develop institutional relationships with clients. But in professional services companies, the model is different: rather than having an entire team dedicated to generating leads and closing business, the players have a dual function as

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New Roles in Professional Services Firms

The role of CMO, particularly in professional services, has evolved rapidly over the past decade. We’ve seen new, value-driven positions cropping up as opportunities for career growth, as well as greater potential for strategic mobility not just within sectors, but for leaps across them. As legal, accounting, and consulting firms grow in sophistication and

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