CFO Sentiment ’17 – Canary in the Coal Mine – Catapult Growth Partners

CFO Sentiment ’17 – Canary in the Coal Mine

Catapult and The CFO Alliance held a review today that covered the annual CFO Sentiment study.  This national survey benchmarked over 500 CFO’s from the Alliance’s 6,000 members to understand the mood of businesses across a wide spectrum of industries, geographies and sizes.  It also focused on the role CFO’s play to impact key drivers of company performance.

One thing is clear.  The CFO’s role continues to evolve into one of the most important functions within an organization.  And their confidence (or lack thereof) is an early signal as to the health of the company.  We have found that CFO’s provide the most accurate indication of where our economy is headed – Truly they are the canaries in the coal mine.

We have also polled the top 100 companies in Denver to see if the key issues facing those CFO’s correlate to the national study.  While there are some slight difference based on regions and industry it is clear that in Colorado and across the nation one of the most pressing issues is talent, talent & talent.

In addition CFO’s highlighted these factors as critical determinants of growth and profitability in 2017:

  • Expanding relationships with key existing customers
  • Marketing execution
  • Adding the right talent and upgrading existing talent across the organization
  • Operational efficiency

To get a copy of the full report please click on this link

An early sample of the largest Colorado based companies show these issues are top of mind:

  • Cyber Security / Enterprise Risk
  • Effective marketing and improving ROI for sales and marketing
  • Talent:  Extremely tight labor market in Denver / benefits
  • Uncertainty related to regulatory issues (especially tax code)
  • Continuing to seek out operational efficiencies
  • Optimizing capital structure / hedging foreign exposure / refinancing and capital raising  as we transition from a deflationary to inflationary cost environment.
  • Customer growth and retention

If you would like to contribute to our local survey please provide us with the three most important issues/opportunties you are facing in 2017.  Send your emails to