Value Creator Series – MarTech / AdTech / Digital Industry Sector – Catapult Growth Partners
November 14th 2018

Value Creator Series – MarTech / AdTech / Digital Industry Sector


Petsky Prunier & Catapult Growth Partners

Driving Performance and Increasing Business Value

Data / MarTech / AdTech / Digital Industry Sector
2018 Market Recap – Value Creator Series
How companies are maximizing value in a shifting market
A look at key trends, deals, valuations and operating practices as we head into 2019
Presentation Material
  • Trends and conditions that will impact the market in 2019
  • Crucial exit planning guidelines and timelines
  • Key mistakes to avoid if you want to sell for top value
  • Ways to leverage PE tactics and best practices to maximize current profitability and increase long-term equity value.
  • The current M&A market for marketing, media and digital companies
  • How should you best best handle the inflow of calls and inquiries from PE firms, investment bankers and exit advisors?
  • How are companies being valued by PE? What increases your value, what detracts from it?
Catapult Growth Partners is a leading North American Growth Consultancy and M&A Advisor focused on the small to medium business services sector with an emphasis on marketing services companies and professional firms. Over the past decade Catapult has helped clients accelerate profitable growth through effective strategy development, practical execution support and sophisticated talent management. Catapult has an outstanding track record enabling companies and firms to grow, position for exit and optimize the transaction value.