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HR Strategic Consulting Solutions

There is no greater resource to any company than its people, the human resources of a company.

As the external market and internal workplace constantly shift and change, we believe the human resources function needs to be flexible and assessed only periodically for areas of improvement.  Our clients are typically companies that have no formal human resources team, have a human resources team but it is under-staffed/over-staffed, or have concluded that their human resources team is not aligned with the business goals of the company and not enabling the business to achieve its objectives / mission.

We help clients migrate their HR function to the right size, cost and capability. Our outsourced human resources solutions are designed to be flexible, add significant value, and help your organization achieve its business goals.


We always begin with understanding the business strategy and vision.

We work collaboratively with our clients to better understand their business, culture, strategy, and objectives to deliver customized, flexible HR solutions that meet their specific needs. This approach supports, enhances, and protects your business moving forward.

Companies today are evolving rapidly, and a solid strategy is critical for the success of any organization. The HR function should be a significant contributor to organizational success and to do so needs to be aligned with the business strategy to ensure talent programs are focused on attracting, developing, rewarding and retaining employees for the benefit of both individuals and the organization.

We assess current HR capabilities efficiently and effectively and move to recommendations and solutions quickly.

We collaboratively review the HR capabilities of the organization and develop short and long term plans to review with key stakeholders.  We focus on identifying the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities that better aligns HR with business objectives and overall growth strategies.

Our goal is to ensure that the HR function is driving business results through people – ensuring that all HR processes and initiatives are supporting a documented business objective.

Throughout the process, our team are actively engaged with all appropriate resources while keeping key stakeholders updated on project milestones, emerging issues and plans to mitigate risk.  Our solutions are strategic, cost effective, and ensure that talent is engaged, connected, and aligned to the company’s strategy and overall goals.

“Working with Catapult over the last few years has been an absolute pleasure. We have worked on numerous initiatives together and each and every time, Catapult brings their A game to the table. By leveraging their expertise, we have transformed our business practices and were able to successfully map out and execute our strategic plan with them. I would recommend them to anyone that asks as they have a deep understanding of business structures, business models, and have a toolbox full of expertise and skills that are accompanied with the thoughtfulness to take the time to understand their clients needs and goals.”
Shawn Moniz
Chief Executive Officer
EuroLife Brands Inc.